September 07th Harvest

Forgot to add in the previous potato post that we harvested 5.516Kg of Maris Peer second early potatoes and also 2.175Kg of Highland Red Burgundy but we still have 1 bin to empty of those so that figure will probably double.

Onto to today’s crop and we harvested the 4 bins of Purple Majesty we planted and ended up with 9.42Kg. And the flesh is indeed purple so think we will be growing them next year too.



Also another cabbage, courgette, spring onions and more runner and barlotti beans.



Finally from one of the rhubarb crowns we have harvested 6.45Kg. The other crown is in its first year and not supposed to harvest any but there is quite a bit left on that plant too as you will see in the plot update post.



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