March 22nd

Mixed bag down on the plot today, day started great if a little windy but soon turned wintry with heavy rain showers and hail storms. Managed to get some things done between the showers and cups of tea 🙂 (There you go Sue M – cup put to good use 😉 )



Got the Rhubarb planted in Bed 15 which was kindly donated by Chris & Paul from Plot 13.


And also planted the two minarette trees from Ken Muir either side of Bed 15. A Victoria Plum and a Denniston’s Gage. Wasn’t happy with the quality of the Gage after damage in transit but the supplier are sending another one free of charge. The Victoria Plum is a little in wispy side so will have to see how that takes. Using some telescopic tree stakes with these to try them out.


And potted up the 3 Cranberry plants as well. Ericaceous compost of course.


Caught this little fella having a wander about as well.


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