March 29th

A dry day on a weekend, finally! Makes all the difference but the mid week rain flooded parts of the plot again.


Started preparing some stakes which will be used to anchor a fleece/enviro-mesh barrier to thwart the carrot fly on the carrot beds! Going to devote two of the four root beds to various varieties of carrots this year to try and find some that grow well. Just need to find some horticultural sand to dig into them now in readiness for planting the seeds.


While Lisa continued to hoe and rake the beds ready for planting up I began excavating to get the last raised bed in place. Soil was wet and heavy still so hard going and had to relocate some of the soil temporarily to another part of the plot. This will be used to fill some of the fruit devoted beds once the brick walls have been built back up at the bottom end of the plot. Hoping to wrap this up tomorrow if everything goes well!


Here’s a couple of final photos looking up the plot to show the beds that Lisa toiled on all day. Three more to hoe and rake tomorrow and all will be ready. Finally starting to look ready for planting lots of different things over the coming weeks 🙂


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