Garden update 15-17th May 2015

Lots going on in the garden – strawberry’s all planted up, moved the Lingonberry and Cranberry pots from the allotment so can keep a closer eye on them. Minarette fruit trees all planted and coming along nicely. ¬†Protected from the birds by Louie, Huey and Dewey the scarecrows.








Meanwhile started preparing the area at the top of the garden where the two polycarb 6×4 greenhouses will sit. Aiming to have them erected and Tomato plants and co moved in by end of the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Fingers crossed!

greenhouse area prep 1.jpg

greenhouse area prep 2.jpg


Removed the massive grass from the side flower bed so Lisa can plant up Bee friendly flowers etc.

bee flower bed progress.jpg

mini greenhouse.jpg

Planted up a container of Chocolate Mint and another one with Lemon, Lime, Strawberry and Pineapple mints.

chocolate mint.jpg

flavoured mints.jpg

Cleaned and redeployed the bird feeders near the top wildlife pond and put up a couple of bird boxes too.

bird feeders.jpg

bird box 1.jpg

bird box 2.jpg


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