Plot Update June 18th 2015

Garlic harvested which was planted back in October and plenty of it but not as good as we were expecting.  Could be interesting finding somewhere convenient for it to dry now.Bed will be dug over and some Squashes and Courgettes planted in it.


All Onion, Root and Brassica beds now netted. Should not only cut down on pests but also the amount of weeding required this year. One final bed to do and that will be the salad bed with some polythene but was too windy when the first attempt was made! Doesn’t take long for salad crops to grow so not worried.



Weather so far has been very disappointing with average temperatures here 3 or 4 degrees lower than expected for the last two months. No wonder the tumbling tomatoes in the hanging baskets are not doing too well.



Updated the site noticeboards seen as the Council actually sent something to go in them at last, hurray!


White currants doing very well


Pink currants are beginning to turn


And both black currant bushes planted (one only back in November) although not so large yet have both got fruit well on the way.




And finally one of the Gooseberry bushes (the Xenia Red) has fruited.


Back tomorrow with a garden greenhouse update!



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