Greenhouse 1 – 17th July 2016

Greenhouse 1 is home to the Grape vines, Cucumbers, Sweet and Chilli Peppers, Melons and for a short while the celery seedlings. However a slug & snail incursion destroyed all the celery seedlings and all 3 Melon plants. Had a good go at many of the Pepper plants as well. Spent this afternoon emptying both greenhouses so could play a game of hunt the slug. Managed to remove quite a few but no doubt more will be found. One of the downsides of these single pane polycarb greenhouses is the amount of condensation every morning, makes them quite damp. All p[lant types are weeks behind where they were this time last year as Facebook memories keeps reminding me!

This years cucumber varieties are : Femspot F1, Perfection & Mini.

This years Chilli varieties are: Scotch Bonnet & Zimbabwe Black.

Sweet Peppers varieties are : Bellboy (Green), Capapocoa Orange, Fiesta, Mohawk, Sweet Banana, Topepo Rosso and 2 Yellow Bell F1.

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