Plot Update August 10th

It’s been awhile since I last went down to the plot between work and having things on every weekend. Lisa has kept the produce coming and kept on top of the plot on the afternoons after work so its still in pretty good nick really! Weather was poor when taking photos (just started to rain) hopefully get some better ones in a couple of weeks.

Brassica’s and Root beds are a total washout this year – planted plenty of seeds of various varieties but nothing has germinated at all. So 8 empty beds essentially. Not good.

Onions and leeks going OK, corn getting taller but not many cobs forming.

Potatoes looks good again, will start harvesting in a few weeks I think.

Peas, great the purple podded blauwschokkers are growing really high, will need to them on runner bean supports next year!  Rest of peas and mange tout again all good. Runner beans poor, french beans very poor.

Land cress and Chickpeas coming along nicely.

Fruit-wise had a bumper crop of all currants. The ripened in the order of Pinkcurrants, Blackcurrants, Redcurrants and finally White currants. The plum tree is laden but nothing on the green gage yet. Harvested another crop of Rhubarb.

All in all not bad.


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