2018 – A New Start

Apologies for no posts in quite awhile, had a period of ill health and some major upheavals behind the scenes which meant the blog unfortunatley was neglected. I may delve deeper into those things at some point in the future but not yet as still too raw.

After a slow year in 2017 due to these issues, I have started to get the act together for 2018! Plot is looking good after replacing a lot of the rotting scaffold boards with the last remaining ones from the shed. On the plus side there is now slighty more storage space gained back in the shed.

Have finally started to make inroads in building the brick walls back up at the bottom of the plot to eventually make into more fruit beds. I have also in the past month taken on another plot (Plot 5) which backs onto the current one (Plot 10) which is very overgrown at the moment and does get boggy in winter. Despite that have inherited plenty more fruit bushes, a pear tree and a small greenhouse. Should keep me occupied for awhile! Also lots more growing action in the garden this year both vegetable and fruit so watch this space for some photo updates coming soon. 

I am also going to give YouTube a try and start to produce videos so please like, comment, subscribe and share to the content on there if you like what you see. 

Many Thanks, and until the next time, take it easy!


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