Brick beds finished finally & other Musings

It’s all been a bit hectic the past couple of months so apologies for lack of updates. As I type this it is raining, not heavily but rain has been in short supply this summer. Very short supply! Not complaining about the heatwave but the constant watering takes it toll.We transitioned here in West Yorkshire from a very wet and cold winter/spring to summer in the space of the week – literally snow on the ground and then nearly 30 degrees the following week. Everything seemed to be about 4 weeks behind and most plants have really struggled in the heat since then, just too warm for them it seems. Another weird year growing-wise. The only plant I can honestly say seems to have flourished is the Melon plants in the Greenhouse, they are all over the place and will be the subject of a new post in the coming week or so. Also I was delayed on the plot by having to replace a lot of rotten scaffold planks on the raised beds with the rest of my spares in the shed. None left now and still need some more so if anyone hears of any going cheap or free give me shout please! The extra time I have had recently has finally allowed me to complete building back up the brick beds at the bottom of the plot. 

A lot of fruit was harvested over the last month with oodles of Blackcurrants, Redcurrants, Whitecurrants, Pinkcurrants, Red Gooseberries, Strawberries and Raspberries. Does seem to take ages to harvest them properly and was suffering fruit picking fatigue at certain points. Most topped, cleaned and frown in 500g portions most of which I suspect will go to infusing flavoured gins later in the year 🙂

I will be doing a photo update next week of both the plots and garden stuff, lot’s of changes to report and hopefully some YouTube videos for my new YouTube channel if I can get used to the sound of my own voice!! The link is and would appreciate any subscribes, likes and comments on videos posted. It all helps apparently! 

The extra time I have had recently has finally allowed me to complete building back up the brick beds at the bottom of the plot. I had collected used bricks from recycle and various services free of charge for the last few years and had enough to crack on with the job. The raspberry bed is split down the middle with old paving slabs so can grow different varieties either side. Have never had any success with them on Plot 10 as soil too heavy and gets waterlogged so this should solve that. I have also inherited some at the far end of Plot 5 which is up the slope and much better drainage. 

A layer of rocks and stones for drainage in the bottom followed by layers of soil, compost and manure. Should be all good to plant this coming winter. The other large bed will take some time to fill but will also be dedicated to fruit. I may transplant the contents of the current fruit raised bed next to the compost bins (Gooseberries, Rhubarb and a supposedly dwarf root stock Green Gage tree which is growing at an alarming rate), so it can be used for salad crops, squashes or sweet corn. Would like to have 4 beds down the side that can be rotated with these plants that do not fit into the normal crop rotation. SO another bed required.


That’s it for now, more to follow and keep enjoying the heatwave as best you can! 

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